Giant Kite Festival

Giant Kite Festival


Day of the Saint Guatemala

The day of the saint in Guatemala is one of the most important holidays and very special for Guatemalan families. Sumpango, Santiago Sacatepequez, Chichicastenango are some of the most popular and colorful ones. Specialy the Gian Kite festival in Sumpango, where people from all over the country comes and make their kites with a lot of different designs, focused on culture, spirituality and many other subjects.

Some kites measuring are up to 36 meters, the giant kites fill the sky in a vibrant array of colors, serving as a mediator for the spirits of deceased friends and family who, according to legend, are plagued by evil spirits that descend on the cemeteries every Nov. 1.

Some kite designers take the opportunity to incorporate themes based on current social movements, calling for an end to violence or corruption.

"No more deaths of innocent lives in Guatemala," "Children of the ancestral culture," "Respect life is weaving peace," and "We all deserve the same respect," are a few of the messages taking flight at this year's festival.

We suggest taking a trip to Sumpango on your way to Lake Atitlan or Antigua Guatemala.

Check trip Ideas including the Gian Kite festival or Day of the Dead with a unique celebration, honoring its dead with a traditional kite-flying ceremony.


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