Iximche Mayan Site

Iximche Mayan Site

Iximche Mayan Site & First Capital of Guatemala

Iximche Mayan Site

It was one of the most important cities-fortresses of the Postclassic period in the Guatemalan highlands, along with the archaeological sites Gumarkaa'j in Quiché and Mixco Viejo in Chimaltenango. Iximché, which in Kaqchikel means corn tree, was the last capital of the Maya-Kaqchikel and in 1524 became the first capital of the Spanish conquistadors in Guatemala. It is located in the municipality of Tecpán, was the scene of great events, among which one can mention its separation from the Quiche Group, foundation as capital of the kingdom and dominion over its region. In the last part of its history, after having been allies of the Spaniards, it suffered its destruction and fire on the part of them; Events that give it a great historical and cultural value and position it as a place worth visiting.

The pattern of distribution of buildings shows similarity with other Mayan cities located in the lowlands of peten such as the orientation and position of their main buildings in public squares, ceremonial and private, palaces, buildings Administrative and ball games. All the architectural ensembles are located on artificially level surfaces and with a clear urban outline. At present, it is a site of importance for the Mayan cosmovision where it is possible to appreciate numerous ceremonies directed by priests of different ethnic groups who come to perform them throughout the year.

Taking into account this can be indicated that Iximche exemplifies the meeting of two cultures, Maya and Spanish. To guarantee its conservation, it has a management category as an archaeological park with an extension of 50 hectares. It is protected since 1964 by the Institute of Anthropology and History of Guatemala of the General Directorate of the Cultural and Natural heritage. The park is managed and protected by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

If you have limited time you can do a day trip from Antigua or Lake Atitlan and explore this beautiful destination.

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