Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

A must see destination in Guatemala

Lake Atitlan

Considered the "most beautiful lake in the world" according to National Geographic and the British writer Aldous Huxley, it is located in the Department of Sololá. The word "Atitlán" comes from the combination of two Nahuatl words, "Atl" meaning water, and "Titlán" meaning "between", so it is interpreted as "between the waters". It is surrounded by three spectacular volcanoes that are the Tolimán, Atitlán and San Pedro, which together form a unique setting in the sunsets and sunrises. The lake is surrounded by different towns that are: Panajachel, Santa Catarina Palopó, San Antonio Polopó, San Lucas Tolimán, Santa Cruz la Laguna, San Pablo, San Marcos, Santiago Atitlan, San Juan and San Pedro; Each one of them offers different experiences to the tourist through its culture and traditions.

Things to do: Lake Atitlan offers various activities such as kayaking, climb volcanoes, hike thru ancient mayan villages, horseback riding, birdwatching and boat trip, as well as visiting the Mayan populations of the area.

The lake is surrounded by a legend that brings Misticismo to its beauty and is known as the "Legend of the Xocomil" and is that until today from five in the afternoon you begin to feel a wind that does not allow navigation by the lake. According to the inhabitants of the area, legend has it that a maiden named Citlatzin, fell in love with a commoner named Tzilmiztli, and being a forbidden relationship and not being able to be together, they decided to sink into the depths of the rivers. When this happened, the waters mingled furiously mixed by the wind and so the beautiful lake was formed.

You can customize a day trip from Guatemala City, Antigua or Quetzaltenango Inquire Now - Also if you are in Lake Atitlan and are looking to explore the Lake do not hesitate to contact us.

Check our trip itineraries that includes this destination.

  • Santa Catarina Lake Atitlan Upper Rim Hiking Tour

Discover the explorer in you as you hit the trail and hike the diverse landscapes, learn about the Mayan culture, and visit the colorful village of Santa Catarina Palopó located in the highlands of Guatemala.

  • Mayan Ancient Trail - Half Day

Join this half-day tour and get ready to hike around one of the best places of Lake Atitlán.You can see the locals people working on their corn field, coffee and much more plantations.This is a good opportunity to visit some Mayan villages like Jaibalito, Tzununná and San Marcos.

  • Volcano San Pedro Hiking from Panajachel

This San Pedro Volcano hike is the perfect adventure tour. See old growth cloud forest and exotic birds as you climb to the top of the volcano on this 9-hour tour. From the top, you get unparallelled views of Lake Atitlan, and on some days you can see to the Pacific Ocean. This is a great package if you like nature, like to hike and want adventure. Small-group or private.

  • Hiking & Village Visit

This is an easy hike which is very scenic, perfect for families.  It includes boat rides to see Lake Atitlan from all perspectives.  Hike through ancient trail and explore Mayan villages, visit weaving cooperatives, coffee plantations, art galleries, or just enjoy nature.

  • Kayaking & Mayan Village Tour

Experience the Lake in Kayaks, the explore nearby villages. Learn daily life from day to day. Share with local artisan, weavers and painters. This is a great Family thing to do while in Lake Atitlan.

  • Kayaking & Biking around Atitlan

If you are looking for some active things to do, this is the right tour to do. From your bikes you will enjoy nice views of the villages and volcanoes. The bike ride is on a paved road and good for beginner and intermediate riders. A ceramic workshop is included on the trip for a wonderful experience. 

  • Horseback riding & Coffee Tour 

From so many things to do in Atitlan, you can join any of our horseback riding adventures with a coffee tour combination. Lake Atitlan is famous for coffee and grows some of the best in Guatemala. The horseback adventure happens on the slopes of Volcano San Pedro, giving you an espectacular time and memorable experience.

  • Join a Sightseeing Atitlan Tour by Boat 

This is a real immersion in the mayan culture and you will be the witness of the life style of the mayan people and the old technic to get or make textile with nature. You will visit nice mayan villages



Varied walks in the beautiful Picos de Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is a region of dramatic views and lush valleys. Beautiful wild flowers in spring, this area is also known as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Its terrain, tranquillity and inaccessibility make Atitlan a walker's paradise. beautiful birds and many other species are seen in our trails. We base ourselves at the NEW friendly, family-run Hotel Casa Rosa & Arca de Noe, positioned in the heart of the region and offering breathtaking panoramas of the highest volcanoes from its welcoming bar and restaurant.

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