15 extraordinary days journey in Guatemala

15 extraordinary days journey in Guatemala

$1600 Adventuring to different regions of Guatemala

15 extraordinary days journey in Guatemala

An extraordinary trip that has been tailored for those that adventures to explore each sight of Guatemala. A 15 days combination trips including the visit of Antigua Guatemala or a Living museum and one of the most colorful in Latino america, as well the adventure to one of the most active volcanoe in Guatemala and enjoy from an outstanding view from the summit.

Besides cultural tours, as well you have included the visit of Archaeological Maya site such as Quirigua (known for their Giant Stelas) or the unbelievable Tikal located into the dense jungle of Peten. This trip as well has included the visit of Rio Dulce area where you will travel through one of the largest canyion and reach to the caribean side of Guatemala where Livingstone is.

As well the other part of your trip thruogh Guatemala has included the visit of the Maya Route, places where mayan people live, including the visit of Colorful markets such as Chajul market, or the largest in Guatemala or known as the market of thousand colors and of cours its colorful cemetery. The landscape of each places is so different like in the lowalds its Jungle, or in the caribean the ocean, in the western highlands of Guatemala such as in Acul, Nebaj is known as the little Switzerland, or the turquise of Semuc Champey, one of the wonders in the country. Your trip ends with the visit of one of the most beautil lake in the World "Lake Atitlan" with its tree stunning volcanoes which reachs to havens, and surrounded by local mayan towns you will travel by boat to different destination for and outstandind experience. 

We truly known that this trip will will the the perfect journey for you!



Upon arrival to Guatemala our driver and guide will be welcoming, afterwards you will be traveling by car for 1 hour aproximmately to Antigua Guatemala where you will spend a few nights.


9:00am - You will be met at your hotel reception by your private guide to begin your half day walking tour of Antigua. Your tour will cover the cultural, historical & social highlights of this colonial city with a behind‐the‐scenes look at some of the many ruined churches, convents, and cathedrals. Entrances are included to the Iglesia San Francisco, the Cathedral and La Merced Church. After the tour you will have a free afternoon, so you can relax or explore other sights on your onw.


Our tour starts with a morning transfer (1:20hr) to the foothills of the active Pacaya volcano. The hike then begins with a fairly strenuous hike through wonderful pine forest up to the trickier molten rock area where hot steam seeps through crevices in the base of the volcano. Guests learn about the formation and evolution of the volcano as they traverse its ever changing face. On the hike we can enjoy great views to the northern volcanoes, the pacific lowlands and all the way to El Salvador. Then enjoy a picnic lunch at 8,300 feet (2,530 m) with panoramic views of the valley and city below. Make your way back to Antigua in the late afternoon, and spend the rest of the day exploring all it has to offer.

Early departure from Antigua Guatemala towards the caribbean region of Guatemala or known as a Different Caribbean, you will travel for 5 hr towards Rio Dulce where you will spend the following nights. En route you will stop by one of the most and incredible arcaheological maya site named Quirigua. Quiriguá was occupied as early as the Late-preclassic (400 BC – AD 200). Although no structures have been securely dated to this period, a number of Late Preclassic artifacts have been recovered. 

The most impressive of this place are their Giant Stelas  elaborately carved from single blocks of red sandstone representing governants of Quirigua.

The tour has a duration of 1.5 hours, afterwards you will continue your trip to Rio Dulce.

Waking up by Rio Dulce with a fresh weather and see all the Eagrets flight. Today you will travel through the one of the Largest Canyons of Guatemala until reach at the caribean side where is the only Afrincan town called Livingstone. You will get a visit to the town and learn from a different culture, food and people.

In the afternoon you will return to Rio Dulce area and travel to Finca el Paraiso where is one of the best swimming spots in the area with a combination of fresh and hot spring.


Today you will depart from Rio Dulce to Flores, Peten. The transfer last 3.5 hours. Upon tou arrival to Flores, you will have a free afternoon where you can walk around the island which takes 45 minutes to walk or ask to your TripLeader for more sugestions.


At 8:00 am you will be departing from your hotel and driving into the dense jungle of Peten, after 1 hour traveling you will reach to Tikal. Upon arrival, you will walk under the canopy and explore an abandoned mayan civilization. You will see its magnificnets architecture and huge temples with incredible view to the horizon.

During your tour you will visit, stelas, altars and of course climb some templeas that are avvailable to climb.

After your tour you will return to Flores.


Departing from Flores towards Coban which is the center of Guatemala as well is called the Green Verapaces. It has a duration of 8 hours by car with a stop by Cuevas de Candelarias; one of the largest caves in the country. Tubbing for several kilometers in the cave.

So be prepared for tubbing in the river and waterproof shoes.

In Coban you will spend 2 nights.

Its located 2.5 hours from Coban, is a Guatemala Natural Wonder. It's between two mountains. Semuc Champey is known for its turquise natural color water pools. where you can soak into the fresh water, or climb to the lookout where you can have a better view to the river and mountains.

After the tour you will travel back to Coban.

Your trip keeps going out off the beaten track. You will be departing from Coban towards to the Ixil region or Ixil Triangle. This area in the country was affected during the civil war during the 70' 80' and 90', even averything happended the mayan culture, tradition and so much colors are still alive. While traveling you will see the amazing sceneries of huge mountains in Guatemala. You will get your first adventure into the mayan living world.

You will spend to nights here, with a lot of chance to explore the most.

Chajul market is one of the most colorful and important market in the Ixil Region, it is last market in the areaa, and every thuesday and friday small villages from different parts of the region come to this imporatnt market. As well you will visit the churhc and of course this place is and important place for coffee in Guatemala.

After the tour you will travel up to the mountains on a local transportation, to explore the majestic waterfall of Chichel.


The Market of Chichicastenango is open every thursday and sundays. On this day you will depart from your hotel at 7:00 am and drivind through the valleys of Guatemala towards Chichicastenango. It is located 3 hours away. Upon you arrival you will visit all the sections of this market including the visit of the colonial Church, the cemetery. This town is known in the country for their mayan culture, tradition and spirituality which is still alive. After the tour you will have free time and you can buy your suvenirs.

After the tour and lunch you will drive for 1.5 hours to Lake Atitlan for the overnight.

This morning you will be taken to explore the other side of the lake by boat
and our guide will give you the tour of the villages of San Juan which is well
known by its town murals, art galleries, medicinal plants & the woman
weaver’s cooperatives working with the natural dyes spinning cotton and
beautiful textiles.
After San Juan you will continue to Santiago Atitlan in this town you will learn
about people culture, the visit of the Catholic Church and Maximon a Mayan
saint of the local Tzutujil people.
After lunch you will return to your hotel.

A day where you can relax at your hotel enjoy from the beauty of the Lake and volcanoes or you can explore Panajachel on your own.

As well, on this day you can join us to our Zip Line adventure tour. As for more information to your trip leader.


Departing this morning from Lake Atitlan to Guatemala City, it has a duration of 3.5 hours. The departure time will be at 8:00 am. making sure you reach to Guatemala City for your onward flight to your next destination.


End of the trip!


All breakfasts


All land transportation All water transportation


14 nigths accommodation (Double occupancy)

 Included activities

Cultural tours Archaeology tours Hiking Market visits


Travel Company Address:

Santa Cruz La Laguna, Solola

502 53558849 voltanadventures.com@gmail.com www.guatemalavacationsdeals.com

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