Birding Trip

Birding Trip

$725 Travel through the biomas of Guatemala, spotting endemic birds and migratory birds

Birding and Nature trip to Guatemala

Guatemala has a wide variety of flora and fauna, mountains and such an incredible variety type of Biomas, in each bioma is possible to find endemic birds of the region, in total there are over 700 type of birds such as residents, migratory and of course our target birds or endemics. Our company has always been running birding trips to different parts of Guatemala for several years, in this oportunity we have tailored a 6 days birding days in the Bioma of mountain forest of Guatemala and sub-tropicald rain forest, spending the overnight in lodges and departing everyday to each destination including a few nights in one of the most incredible laks in the world Lake Atitlan.

During this trip you will be lead by one of our birding experts and as well meeting some local birding guides in most of the regions. Some of our target birds are: Pink-headed Warbler, Horned Guan, White-eared Humminbird, Azure-rumped Tanager, Yellow-naped Parrot and much more.


Upon arrival to Guatemala city, guests will be welcome by our guide and driver, afterward a 45 to 1 hour road trip beings, on way to one of our World heritage site by UNESCO, this places it used to be the old capital of Guatemala, now known as Antigua Guatemala.

Overnight in at Meson de Maria

6:00 am - In this morning you will travel by car to San Cristobal Hill, localted 25 minutes from Antigua Guatemala. This place is a great locatation to find birds that are resident and also regional endemic to Guatemala. Spotting birds such as: Black-vented Oriole, Blue-and-white Mockingbird, white-faced Ground-sparrow and many others.

After breakfast you will drive to the lower part of the mountain where is located a Coffee farm named el Pilar, located between mountain and surrounded by coffee and avocado trees make this place ideal for hummingbirds such us: Violet Sabrewing, Rufous sabrewing and much more.

After the tour you will travel to the western highlands of Guatemala, the car transportation last 3 hours approximately. 

Overnight in Quetzaltenango at Pension Bonifaz

5:00 amFrom Quetzaltenango you will be 1 hour approximately to get to Fuentes Georginas, from November to april will be a great spot to watch one of Target birds in Guatemala and one of the rarest birds in the world is: Horned Guan, also another place to see our Unicolor Jay and many others.

After the tour you will be traveling to one of the most beautiful lake in the world, it is Lake Atitlan 2.5 hours.

Overnight in Lake Atitlan at Hotel Atitlan

5:30 am- Departing from your hotel and traveling by boat to Santiago Atitlan, it is the biggest town in Lake Atitlan area. Then the trip continues in our local transportation adventure to the Municipal park. It is located by one of the three volcanoes slopes. The forest is a combination of mountain- cloud forest. This tour give us the chance to find a different regional-endemic bird in Spanish is known as Tangara Cabanisis and in English is known as Azure-rumped Tanager, besides our emblematic bird in the are also is possible to find our Blue-crowned Chlorophonia, Siskins and others, from Jan to April is possible to spot our emblematic national bird Resplendent Quetzal.

After the tour you will return to the hotel.

Overnight in Lake Atitlan

5:00 am – departing from the hotel toward to Tarrales nature reserve located 1.30 hours by car. Tarrales allows a diversity of flora and fauna in the country.

Birds that are possible to find in this part of Guatemala such as Yellow-naped Parrot, pacific Parrakeet, also an ideal place to find our Lessons motmot, Long-tailed Manaking and much more.

After the tour you will return to your hotel.

Overnight in Lake Atitlan at Hotel Atitlan

6:00 am – our guide and driver will be picking you up at your hotel, then you will travel by car back to Guatemala City, en route you will stop by a Pine-oak forest which the right spot our Guatemala endemic birds, such us Pink-headed Warbler, Blue-throated Motmot, Golden-browed Warbler, Rufous-browed wren and much more, it’s an ideal place to watch a high quantity of north America of Warblers from Oct to April.

After the tour you will continue to Guatemala City, in car the transfer will last 3.5 hours approximately in total,

Drop off in International Airport La Aurora or Hotel or you can book more tours to the dry scrub in Guatemala with more options to find Lesser Ground-Cuckoo, or Lesser Roadrunner and much more.



6 meals and lunches


All land and water transortation


5 nights on double occupancy and standard

 Included activities

Hiking Birding Cultural tours Birding Photography


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Santa Cruz La Laguna, solola, Guatemala

+502 53558849

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